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Data Security: Will banks ever adopt a data centric model?

Written by Rune NEWS on Saturday, 30 March 2013. Posted in Featured

Carol Wheatcroft | The Asian Banker | 12APR2012

Adopting a data centric model for data security would require bank s to classify and encrypt all sensitive data. Can this idea gain ground?

Traditionally financial institutions have placed the highest emphasis on avoiding data security breaches especially beyond the perimeter of the four walls of the bank. Known as the perimeter based approach, the stress has been to ensure that no matter how data is accessed – by mobile devices such as laptops, by customers accessing the bank by logging into accounts or, through the use of cloud computing technologies - data is transported in a secure fashion. In other words the security focus has been the transport of data from the perimeter to the destination by relying on encryption technologies such as Internet protocol security (IPsec). But this still leaves the data inside the organisation unencrypted and prone to breach.