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SINGAPORE, 17th of January 2012

Rune, an information security firm committed to empowering the defense of privacy, today announced its partnership with Insyndia Corporation, a global, broad-spectrum technology and business solutions consulting firm dedicated to delivering pertinent solutions to complex problems in the first world and in the developing world. Under the terms of the partnership, Insyndia will distribute Rune products through its resellers and channel partners in the United States.

Lance Gaines, Rune’s President and CTO said, “Insyndia Corporation and Rune provide public and private sector customers with an amazing team. Kevin is a dear friend and has been critical to the development of the product. Together we’ve forged a solution to help companies deal with the onslaught of information security attacks. We’re excited to officially announce our partnership. Deadbolt, with its ease of use and strong security fills a critical gap in the market for email privacy and encryption that works in any browser or web client; empowering users’ defense of their privacy and enabling confidence communicating, no matter the method. “

“We are extremely pleased to deepen our relationship with Rune, by becoming a product distributor for their products and technologies into our markets and customer base. Insyndia’s focus on secure, pertinent, IT solutions to complex business problems allows us to focus on best of breed technologies to help our customers solve some of the most challenging problems in some of the most challenging environments. The Rune product set and underlying technologies allows us to bring a truly unconditionally secure data and communication solution to our most security conscious customers that can accept zero compromises on the security of their most sensitive information and communications. Insyndia is very stringent and selective on the products we choose to represent, and Rune delivers a solution that has demonstrated itself to be the best of breed for the protection it provides to our organization and our customers. We are not only a distributor, we are a dedicated user of the Rune product set within our own organization and look forward to working closely with Rune as they change the gold standard of Data and Communication Security,” said Kevin Casey, CEO of Insyndia Corporation.

About Rune

Singapore-based Rune Information Security Corporation Pte Ltd creates solutions that maintain e-mail and Internet privacy in a world of electronic eavesdropping and corporate espionage. Rune delivers ‘toolkits’ that security professionals and individuals can integrate into information systems and PCs that guarantee that e-mail, proprietary documents and other data remain private. By using standards based encryption as well as unbreakable Vernam encryption ‘one-time pad’, Rune has created easy-to-use, easy-to-manage software that creates a standards based and compliance driven, unbeatable security wall that will ensure proprietary private and corporate data remains readable only to those who have the key.

Rune was founded by a group of like-minded security software professionals who believe in empowering and maintaining absolute electronic privacy through tried and tested technology and methods. Please visit for more information about Rune’s full suite of security solutions and products.

About Insyndia

Insyndia is a global, broad-spectrum technology and business solutions consulting firm dedicated to delivering pertinent solutions to complex problems in the first world and in the developing world. Insyndia's solution developers, business analysts and infrastructure specialists are accomplished consultants with a wide range of expertise from low-level device and network interfaces to large-scale enterprise applications covering many different industries and organizational structures. Insyndia develops and supports technologies that help businesses operate, share information, and communicate more effectively. Our areas of expertise include a wide array of technology architectures, business disciplines, software development, security, and testing disciplines to meet specific requirements. We also provide security offerings to address threats by focusing on risk and vulnerability management practices. For more information regarding Insyndia , please visit