Written by Rune NEWS on Saturday, 30 March 2013. Posted in Press

Rune, an information security firm committed to empowering the defense of privacy, today announced its partnership with SecureServ, a technology solutions provider that delivers world-leading information security products and services to the Australia and New Zealand markets. Under the terms of the partnership, SecureServ will distribute Rune products through its channelpartners in the Australia and New Zealand regions.

Lance Gaines, Rune’s President and CTO said, "We’re excited to be working with Vic and team. With SecureServ’s deep security expertise they are a great partner that provides holistic value around a Deadbolt and/or Locksmith deployment. Both companies are passionate about privacy and security. We’re looking forward to a great 2+2=6 partnership, delivering a unique email and data security product into the sophisticated Australian and New Zealand marketplaces."

"We are very excited to establish our relationship with Rune," said Vic Whiteley, Managing Director of SecureServ. "Their product set is a significant addition to our vulnerability management portfolio and addresses our key strategy of continuing to provide security solutions that address all current and evolving threats. We are committed to providing a range of security products and services to a network of channel partners and their customers, while demonstrating a significant return on investment. Rune is a valuable addition to our product offering, in this regard."

"SecureServ is very selective about the products we represent," Mr. Whiteley added, "and our technical people gave Rune an extensive evaluation, resulting in a high recommendation. We look forward to addressing this very real market opportunity."

About Rune

Singapore-based Rune Information Security Corporation Pte Ltd creates solutions that maintain email and Internet privacy and security in a world of electronic eavesdropping and cyber corporate espionage. Rune delivers toolkits that security professionals and individuals can integrate into their information systems and PCs that guarantee that email, proprietary documents and other data remains private and secure. By using standards based encryption as well as unbreakable Vernam encryption one-time pad, Rune has developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage system that creates a standards based and compliance driven, unbeatable security wall that will ensure proprietary private information and corporate data remains readable only to those who have the pad and key. Rune was founded by a group of like-minded professionals who believe in empowering and maintaining digital privacy and security through tried and tested technology and methods. Please visit for more information about Rune’s full suite of security solutions and products.

About SecureServ

SecureServ’s mission is to offer a focused range of prominent technologies that can be unified into encompassing security and networking solutions. These solutions converge to address the major security threats and provide optimal protection for SecureServ partners and customers.