Release Notice - Deadbolt 3.3.0

on Saturday, 30 March 2013. Posted in Release Notices

April 3, 2012


Rune is pleased to announce that Deadbolt release 3.3.0 is now available for download and upgrade.

Please use the 'check for updates' option on Deadbolt's 'About' page to upgrade to the latest version.

Following is a summary of changes;

April 3, 2012

Deadbolt 3.3.0 supports both MS Windows and Mac OS X Lion Platforms

All previous Windows platform features as well as the following new enhancements are available on this release for both Windows and Mac platforms

Drag and Drop Encryption and Decryption

Deadbolt now allows you to drag-and-drop any file into the Deadbolt toolbar for simple file encryption.

You can also drag-and-drop any valid Deadbolt encrypted file into the Deadbolt toolbar for decryption.
You will be asked to select a destination folder, and if possible based on the file extension; the decrypted file will be opened, if available, using the proper application.


The Groups’ section of the Key Management Screen displays a new group that lists all the OpenPGP keys used by the Key Ring. This group is automatically updated thru the IMPORT function and entries can be deleted using the Delete a Recipient (key) option. Since it is required that a recipient be a member of a group to display on the Key Management window; we automatically create and maintain the ALL PGP group in order to display all recipients including those that have not been associated with any custom group. Recipients on the Key Management window will only display for a selected group.

Delete a Recipient (key)

Deadbolt now allows you to delete any recipient from your recipient key ring. You will no longer be able to encrypt to that recipient, but you are still able decrypt any file encrypted by that individual.

You can delete a Recipient Key for any type of recipient; including Rune Group members as well as OpenPGP group members.

By deleting a recipient key you will automatically remove him from all groups he is a member of.

If a recipient who is a member of a Rune group is deleted, it cannot be inserted back again. OpenPGP recipient keys can be re-imported and added back into an OpenPGP group.

Remove a member from a Rune group

Deadbolt now allows you to delete a member from a Rune group. Once deleted the recipient cannot be added back to the group. This option differs from the ‘Delete a Recipient (key)’ in that it is only removed from this specific group but will remain active in any other group.
Deleting a member of a Rune group will stop any further encryption to that user, but you will still be able to decrypt any past or future encryptions from that user.

Delete a Rune Group

Deadbolt now allows you to delete an entire Rune group from your key ring. All Rune pads will be erased but the associated OpenPGP keys will remain in the ALL PGP group; even if this was the only group the OpenPGP keys were present on.
By deleting a Rune group you will no longer be able to encrypt or decrypt any message protected by that group’s Rune Pads.

Offline Update

In addition to the web linked ‘check for updates’ option on the ABOUT screen, there is now a new option; ‘Offline Update’ which will allow you to update Deadbolt without having to be connected to the internet. An update file must be manually made available for this option.

Deadbolt Toolbar Initial Placement

The Deadbolt toolbar will be displayed on the top center of the screen upon initial program load. As always, the user may relocate the toolbar.

Key Management Buttons

Key Management buttons will be activated based on the current selection; they will remain greyed out and disabled for functions not valid for the current selection.

Data Sanitization Default Setting

The Data Sanitization default setting has been changed to DoD 7

Encrypted Selected Text Stabilization

Selected text encryption if transmitted in the body of an email application message is subject to formatting and restructuring changes by the email application. These actions may result in the corruption of the encrypted payload. Changes have been implemented to try and correct the most common types of corruption resulting from these types of actions, thus reestablishing the proper formats for both Open PGP and Base26 encoding.

Deadbolt Automatic Termination

If Deadbolt is being executed from a removable device, and such device is accidentally removed while Deadbolt is running, Deadbolt will be automatically terminated. Warning messages will be displayed.

Locksmith/Deadbolt Advanced Features

• Add a user to an existing Rune group
• Delete a user from an existing Rune group
• Augment the amount of pad to any user